Residential: New Construction

º Neoteric Developments will work with you from the very beginning to plan, design, and build your dream home. We take care of every detail, supporting your perspective, while ensuring you have the partner you always need.

º Neoteric Developments specializes in Construction Management, which offers you, the Owner, the most control, yet utilizes our experience to deliver your new build with confidence & satisfaction.

º Neoteric Developments designs, schedules, & budgets the build knowing that it must be developed TOGETHER. Our brand provides the designers, trades people, and suppliers that ensure your budgetary requirements and vision. Success takes a joint effort that we will work on throughout the process.

Residential: Renovations & Additions

º Neoteric Developments uses a project delivery technique known as Construction Management. This is a true partnership that provides you, the owner, the optimal control over the project, while utilizing our experience to deliver the renovation/addition with ease & satisfaction.

º Our customer success team will work with you from the initial ‘ideas’ phase. They will help you develop your budget and timeline. They deliver a turnkey solution by coordinating the appropriate field experts for each project. As the customer/owner we want you to continue on your daily activities while our success team delivers your vision into reality.

º Neoteric Developments’ experts know that starting early in the ‘your’ process is the most likely method for success. We would do our best to help you avoid the frequent pitfalls when you don’t have the support/expertise you require.

Commercial: Project Management / Fit Ups

º Neoteric Developments is proud to offer commercial construction management / project management services. These services will also include specialty construction projects.

º Neoteric Developments brings the experience and expertise to properly manage complex commercial projects from conception to completion. We pride ourselves in working with you, our partner/customer, to deliver what you need on time and on budget. We will put together the required team of consultants and contractors to manage all of complex aspects of your project.